How Much is Commercial Motor Car Insurance & Z10 for Gojek/Grab

Get the most affordable Commercial Motor Car Insurance Quote

Do you know that not all insurance companies provide Z10 commercial insurance coverage for Z10 Go-Jek/Grab usage and premiums prices vary greatly among different insurers?

At Firstlane, we want to make things easy for you to start driving for Go-Jek/Grab using your own car.

Instead of looking up insurance company one by one to find out how much commercial car insurance cost, we compare and bring all the insurance quote to you! We have partnered the leading Z10 commercial insurance broker to compare and offer you the most affordable quote!

All you need is to fill up the forms below and our partner will get back to you within 48 hours!

Not to worry, filling up the form and speaking to our insurance specialist does not mean you must buy through us! You are free to compare our quote with other agents!

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    Date of Birth
    Car Plate
    Car Model
    Driving Experience
    No Claim Discount

    FAQs on Car Insurance

    • I have No claim discount from my clean driving record over the past years, is it transferable to my Commercial Insurance
      Yes, our insurance specialist will help you to transfer your No-Claim-Discount to your new commercial insurance policy (if any)
    • Why do I need Commercial Insurance to drive for Gojek/Grab
      All vehicles that intend to provide private-hire services are required to provide adequate commercial insurance coverage for their business of ferrying riders for a fee.
    • What determines my premium price for my car insurance
      1- Driver’s age, gender, job nature, driving experience
      2- What type of car, capacity (cc) and age of car
      3- Driver’s clam history
      4- Type of coverage (Comprehensive, 3rd-party fire and theft, 3rd-party)
      5- Excess amount (The amount that you have to pay upfront in an accident)
      6- No-Claim-Discount
    • Is my Commercial Insurance valid for both Gojek and Grab
      Yes, you can use your vehicle for both Gojek and Grab or you can find out more on General Motor Car Insurance

    Why choose Firstlane

    • Free – Unlike some businesses, we do not charge you a processing fee.
    • Savings – At Firstlane, we recognize that every cent count and we want to pass on the savings to you. We squeeze our business partners hard to bring you the best deal & savings.
    • Professional – When you have a flu, you go to the GP. When you have a heart attack, you go to the specialist! Firstlane is the specialist in private-hire matters in Singapore and is followed by thousands on social media. We have helped many people get started driving on the private-hire platform. We go through a stringent process to handpick our insurance broker partner to bring only the best deal and service to our private-hire community!


      “I’ve been a client for many years. I appreciate the courtesy from the staff and advise to get the most affordable Commercial car insurance for my need. Thank you for a Job well done!”

      ~ Leon Yang – PHV Driver

      “I Heard about firstlane from my friends and tried out their service. As expected it was good and questions were promptly answered!”

      ~ Bill Hong

    Using own car to Drive for Gojek and Grab in Singapore

    Thinking of using your own vehicle to make extra money driving for Gojek and Grab in Singapore?

    Not sure how you are going to do that?

    It is simple and we will guide you through in 5 easy steps,

    Step 1- Set up the company online (Optional). Update – LTA remove need to set up new company with effect from 1 October 2017

    Step 2 – Get the best quote from our Commercial Insurance (Z10) Specialist Partner

    Step 3 – Convert car to Z10 classification @ One Motoring

    Step 4 – Register at Go-Jek and Grab with your vehicle log card, insurance certificate and ACRA business registration details (if under company)