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What is Uber Petrol Card

Latest Update – January 30, 2018

Petrol discount increased up to 33%.

Uber Petrol Discount
image – Uber Singapore


1. How to apply?

You can sign up at UBER Hub or online sign up.

2. Can I apply for the card if the car is not registered under my name?


3. How long will it take to process?

Fleet card and pin will be mailed to your address within 2-3 weeks of application if you sign up using credit card, 3-4 weeks if you sign up using GIRO.

Refundable Security Deposit – $200

When will be the security deposit deducted?
Once your payment mode is validated, the security deposit will be deducted from your authorized payment mode (i.e. Credit Card or GIRO) and only upon successful deduction, the fleet card will be created and mailed to you.

How do I get back my security deposit?
You can call or email Abecha Customer Care to request for termination of the FleetCard. If you do not have any outstanding payment with us, your refundable security deposit will be refunded within 7 working days upon acknowledging your request for Termination. If you have outstanding payment with us, your refundable security deposit will be put on hold.

Usage of Fleet Card

1. Do I need to activate the Fleet Card?

No activation is required for Fleet Card, it can be used immediately with the 4-digit pin.

2. How do I use the Fleet Card at the pump?
Swipe the card and key in 4-digit pin to activate pump.
The pump icon will light up indicating that your Fleet Card is being read. Wait for the approval message on the screen.
Choose your Synergy fuel product and top up.
Replace nozzle and the pump icon lamp will go off.
If you need a receipt, press ‘receipt’.

3. Can the Fleet Card be used for other purchases?
No. The Fleet Card can only be used for fuel purchases at ESSO.

4. Is there a limit to the number of transactions per day?
Yes, 2 transactions can be made per day on your Fleet Card

5. What is the credit limit of my Fleet Card and how can I change credit limit? By default, the monthly credit limit is SGD 800 for each vehicle. The transaction will be stopped if you exceed your credit limit. However, you can email us at custcare_bc@abecha.com to change your credit limit. The fuel limit can be increased to $1200 per month with a $200 security deposit

6. Is there a minimum spending required per month?
No, there is no minimum spend.

7. Is there any expiry date for the card?
A Fleet Card has a 4-year validity period and all active transacting cards will be renewed automatically. You will receive a new card within one month of your Fleet Card expiry date. Your Fleet Card will be deactivated if there are no transactions for 6 consecutive months.

8. Will I earn “Smiles” points with purchases under Fleet Card?

9. What if I have changed my personal details
Email Abecha at custcare_bc@abecha.com to update your personal information.

10. What if I lost my Fleet Card?
Call Abecha’s hotline at 63331188 Option 1 to request to deactivate the Fleet Card immediately. Alternatively, you can email custcare_bc@abecha.com and request to deactivate the fleet card.

11. What if I lost my pin number for the Fleet Card?
You can email custcare_bc@abecha.com to request for a new pin number. Kindly provide the fleet card no., vehicle no. and mailing address. A new pin no. will be sent to you within 7-10 working days. Please note that if you key-in your pin no. more than 3x incorrectly, your fleet card will be temporarily suspended and it will only reset after 24 hours.

12. Can the PIN of the fleet card be changed?
Yes, provided that upon card creation your fleet card have an option to change the original pin number.

Billing and Deduction

1. When do you charge my GIRO / Credit Card

Why the Abecha-Esso discount doesn’t show on the Esso Station receipt at the pump station when I used my Fleet Card? The discount will be applied and adjusted to your Abecha-Esso bill on the next billing cycle.