TADA Driver Hotline Number / Contact Number

TADA Singapore

Having some issues with your trip, rider or your driver’s app? TADA driver-partners can contact TADA customer service at the following number.

Hotline – 6817 7177

Whatsapp Support Number – 8299 4376

TADA by MVL Blockchain is a new entrant to the private-hire ride-hailing market in Singapore. Read more about TADA here

Drivers who want to sign-up as a driver in person or have enquiries can go to TADA office at this location

TADA office Oxley Bizhub
image – MVLchain

63 Ubi Road 1
Oxley Bizhub

Frequently Asked Questions about TADA

How long does it take to cash out?
Drivers would receive their payment within 7 working days of their cash-out request.

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Is ERP included in the fare?
ERP is not included in the upfront fare. Drivers are required to manually key in any additional fees before ending the trip.

What is the minimum sum to cash out?
There is no minimum cash-out amount. A fee of $0.50 applies for each successful cash-out request.

Can I request to cash-out my trip immediately
No, the total actual day earnings would only be reflected in the driver “Balance” by the following day. Drivers would only be able to request for cash out once their earnings are reflected in their “Balance”.

How much commission does TADA charge drivers

TADA takes 0% commission on all Cash trips.

For trips where riders pay using credit or debit cards, a transaction fee of 3.4% of fare + $0.50 is charged to the driver for payment to TADA processing partner.

What are the documents needed to sign-up as a TADA Driver

  1. NRIC
  2. PDVL Vocational Licence
  3. Valid Driving Licence
  4. Vehicle Log card showing Z10/Z11
  5. Commercial Car Insurance Certificate of Insurance
  6. Car rental agreement (If it is a rental car)
  7. Photo of your car
  8. Photo of your PDVL decal 
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