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What is Uber’s commission fee

Latest Update – Change in UberPool Commission

Uber has updated its commission for UberPool trips. Previously, Uber takes a 10% commission for unmatch UberPool trips and 30% for all matched trips.

The new system adopts a variable service fee structure for UberPool. The service fee may go as low as 0% or as high as 45% depending on what the driver’s earnings would have been if the same trip had been taken on UberX rates.

uberpool service fee

There are 4 main categories of Uber service available. The percentage that Uber takes differs these categories.

UberX – 20%
UberPool – 10% if no matching rider , 30% if there is matching rider
UberXL – 28%
UberExecutive – 25%

The cut that Uber takes is only on the fare, including any cancellation charge that riders paid. All tolls are exempted from any Uber’s cut