What is GrabCar Plus

Grab is launching a new premium service GrabCar Plus in April 2018.

GrabCar Plus is a new deluxe service that offers rider access to newer cars and drivers who have a good rating.

What is different about GrabCar Plus

Drivers who drive on the GrabCar Plus platform are offered up to 20% higher fare compared to JustGrab. Grab also promised more incentives for GrabCar Plus drivers.

Grabcar Plus drivers also have the option of not taking GrabShare jobs.

What Driver Rating qualifies

Drivers who sign-up for GrabCar Plus will be on probation for the first 50 completed trips. Their performance review will be on customer service levels and the condition of their cars before they are officially accepted into the GrabCar Plus system.

The passing criteria include maintaining an acceptance rate (AR) of 90 percent, and a minimum driver rating of 4.8 out of 5.

TODAYOnline reported that drivers will be removed from GrabCar Plus “once more than two percent” of their trips receive negative passenger comments, though the comments are subjected to review by Grab.

What car qualifies at GrabCar Plus

Beside having a good driver rating, Grab driver-partners who wished to be part of the new GrabCar Plus system also need to have a newer car.

There are 2 categories of cars that can qualify. The first category is 3 years or newer cars for GrabCar Economy Partners. The second category is 5 years or newer cars for GrabCar Premium Partners

List of cars qualifies as GrabCar Plus

Category 1 – GrabCar Economy Cars less than 3 years old

Grabcar Plus car list
image – Grab Singapore

Category 2 – GrabCar Premium Cars less than 5 years old

Grabcar Plus car list
image – Grab Singapore

Drivers who own the car eligible for GrabCar Plus can sign-up with Grab. Grab will process the application.

Car insuranceQualified drivers will be notified to go through a series of in-app training, classroom training and road training. Grab drivers who complete the series of training will then be able to start accepting jobs on the new GrabCar Plus platform.