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What is SIXTNC Private Hire Car

A new player has joined the ride-hailing industry in Singapore, creating much fanfare among private-hire drivers.

SixTNC is the latest ride-hailing company to compete for a piece of the ride-hailing pie with Uber and Grab.

It was founded by an Indonesian businessman and is actively operating in Houston, United States. It has about 5000 drivers on its platform.

Singapore would be the second city that they are venturing into.

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Posted by Lok Cheng Leng on Monday, June 19, 2017

What is different about Sixtnc compared to Uber and Grab

  • It works on a fixed fare model
  • No Surge Pricing during period of high demand
  • First of its kind over-riding scheme

SixTNC Driver Referral Model

SixTNC adopts a similar commission model as Uber and Grab as they take a 20% commission for every dollar that Drivers earn through that platform

Instead of pocketing the 20% commission, Sixtnc will give the person who referred you to drive on the Sixtnc platform a referral fee of 5%, as long as both drivers remain on the platform

Simple illustration –

Mr. A recruited Mr. B , Mr. C and Mr. D

Week 1 Fares – Mr. B earns $500 , Mr. C earns $600, Mr. D earns $700 in

Mr. B nett earnings – $500 x 80% = $400 / 20% Commission taken by SixTNC = $100 / 5% of the 20% goes to Mr. A = $25

Mr. C nett earnings – $600 x 80% = $480 / 20% Commission taken by SixTNC = $120 / 5% of the 20% goes to Mr. A = $30

Mr. D nett earnings – $700 x 80% = $560 / 20% Commission taken by SixTNC = $140 / 5% of the 20% goes to Mr. A = $35

Mr. A would have earned $25 + $30 + $35 = $90 from referral in a week alone from having 3 Drivers under his referred scheme

Driver can up to $100,000 per annum by working 8 hours a day, 5 day week

SixTNC claims that Drivers can earn an annum 6-figure income by driving just 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

How is it possible ?

SixTNC highlighted that the key difference is the referral scheme. It is possible to have an annual income of $100,000 if Driver refers 30 active drivers who earns $150 a day.

When you can earn $100,000 per annum by driving, why do you need to work so hard in your 9-5 job anymore ?

SixTNC sells a beautiful business model that everyone will want to be a part of. Works minimal, earn maximum and have perpetual over-riding income.

More than 1000 and counting drivers have indicated their interest and are rushing to sign up.