5 Cheap Thrills Uber/ Grab riders secretly do

There are certain Cheap Thrills rider can derive from their Uber apps in making their day more meaningful

This is beyond the basic function of calling a stranger for a ride over the internet.

You will see the Rider differently after reading it

1) When Uber Updates their Rider mobile apps that show rider rating, It makes the rider become more conscious of their behavior. That comes the question in their mind, what is the driver rating them, rider would not want to give the driver 5 star if they rated them low. so they would now wait for their rating to be updated. If rating falls by even 0.1, 1 star to the driver!

2) Bored and nothing to do? why not open up the uber app and watch aimlessly on the cars driving around on the map. it seriously kinda looks like ant crawling.

Not only that, you can take note of any car that disappear suddenly or appears suddenly, new driver just come online!

3) Why limit Uber to just within Singapore? Changing destination to foreign countries and see where is the most expensive ride they can create from the Apps.

4) See a Cute driver? Would like to see him or her again and would like to ask them out without freaking them?

Leave something behind after the ride, ask them to send over and buy the driver a meal as a way to thank them. Perfect excuse for a date

5) Isn’t it impressive paying UberX price on an Luxury ride? Take photo and post it on social media on how cheap it is for you to enjoy that luxury ride

Hopefully the post has lighten your mood for the upcoming Friday, and as usual we wish you best of luck with the earnings!

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