Cyclist who tried to claim against Driver’s Insurance after accident charged by Traffic Police

A driver in Singapore shared his recent big justice win over a cyclist who attempted to file an insurance claim but instead got charged by the traffic police instead.

The Accident

The driver shared the details of the incident on Facebook on 13 September 2021

He detailed the accident between him and a cyclist took place at a car park in Ang Mo Kio in July 2021. He was driving out of an Ang Mo Kio carpark when a cyclist just suddenly appeared out of nowhere and he had to jam brake. The cyclist fell and the driver went down to render assistance to him.

The driver followed up by offering to bring the cyclist to a clinic the following day but was rejected by the cyclist. The cyclist contacted the driver 2 days later and told him he wanted to claim against the driver’s car insurance for his medical bills.

The Twist

Source – Facebook

Thankfully, the driver made a police report on the date of the accident, even before the cyclist tried to claim against him. The driver recently heard back from the Singapore Traffic Police, about 2 months after the accident, that investigations have concluded and informing him that they will be initiating action against the cyclist instead.

According to the police, the cyclist was found to have failed to stop and keep a lookout for oncoming traffic.

The driver shared a piece of advice to all motorist

I hope this experience of mine will encourage other fellow drivers to not be afraid of reporting to the police for such incidents and not that everything is always the fault of us drivers when it comes to traffic accidents involving cyclists , PMDs and even pedestrians . I used to think so that we will always be penalised for knocking them down despite them not looking out for cars , but I’m so wrong .

Protecting yourself in an accident

Accidents happen every day and drivers who spend a great deal of time on the road have a greater risk.

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While we can only try our best to reduce the chances of accidents, we must know how to protect ourselves in the event of one. On-board dashcam, CCTV cameras and even getting your rider to be your witness can be crucial in the event of a dispute where everyone say their side of the story.

And do remember to make a police report and inform your insurance company.