Go-Jek Driver temporarily suspended due to close contact with suspected rider carrying virus

A screenshot of an email from Go-Jek to their driver notifying his temporarily account suspension is trending on social media.

In the email, the Go-Jek driver has been temporarily suspended due to close contact with a rider who is suspected of carrying a virus.

There was no specific mention of the type of virus that the rider was suspected of carrying.

The Go-Jek driver is advised to seek immediate medical attention and provide Go-Jek with a medical discharge summary that he has not been infected by the virus.

The authenticity of the email has not been verified by Go-Jek.

Be Safe and Stay Safe

Private-hire and taxi drivers have higher chances of catching the virus as we operate in an enclosed environment and have close contact with people from everywhere.

Some things that we can do to protect ourselves

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Offer rider a mask if they are having a cough or runny nose
  3. Wash your hands frequently
  4. Keep your car clean. Sanitise your vehicle daily
  5. If you are sick, go see the doctor soonest.

If you are unfortunately suspected of contracting the disease and needs to be quarantined, you can receive a quarantine allowance of $100 a day for the period that you are quarantined. The allowance is applicable only to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents.

Drive safe!

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