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What is Grab Acceptance Rate (AR)

What is Grab Acceptance Rating ?

Commonly known as AR, Acceptance Rating is a rating to calculate the number of incoming jobs that a Driver Accepts out of all the jobs that was assigned to the driver.

How to calculate Acceptance Rating

(Number of Jobs Accepted / Number of Jobs Received) X 100%

= Acceptance Rating

For example – You received 10 incoming job from Grab and you accepted 9 of the jobs, your acceptance rating will be 90%

Why is Acceptance Rating Important

In order to be eligible for Grab incentives, Drivers are required to achieve the specified Acceptance Rating (AR) set by Grab.

When do the ratings get restarted

The period of measurement will be from Monday 0000 hours to Sunday 2359

Will cancellation accept Acceptance Ratings

No, Cancellation will not affect. However it will increase the Cancellation Rating

What is the requirement

Everyone has a different requirement. Check your weekly email from Grab or from your Driver App for the lat

Frequent Asked Question

Will I be penalised if I do not meet the AR
ANS: You will not be eligible for most of the weekly incentives that requires Driver meeting the requirement. Having excessive low acceptance rate may also result in Driver inability to drive on the platform

Will my rating drop if Rider cancel the trip
ANS: Driver’s AR will not be affected. Cancellation does not affect AR.

Pro Tip – Always go offline or click on unavailable when you decided not to take anymore trips after the current one. Calls come fast and furious and you might get an instant call if you do not click on the Go Offline button in advance when you are in the middle of a trip. Any 1 trip missed will require Driver to complete additional trips to push up the ratings