Latest Uber/Grab Weekly Incentives

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What is Cash King ?

Cash King is a weekly incentive offered to Uber Partners by completing a number of trips Cash King is a personalised individual incentive – Not everyone is given equal ! There are 2 Cash King incentive offered every week.

Cash King Period 1

– Monday 0400 hrs -Friday 0359 hrs

How to Check

Go to Earnings tab and click on Promotion.

What trips qualify

UberX , UberPool, UberXL, LiveupVIP trips qualify as trip count for the Cash King incentive Find out more about the latest PDVL & Z10 insurance and how to use Uber driver Partner mobile apps

Cash King Period 2

– Friday 0400 hours – Monday 0359 hrs

How to achieve

Check your driver app to see your Cash King incentive target and requirements.
Drivers are required to achieve an acceptance rate of 80% to qualify for the Cash King incentive.


Cancelled trips (paid/unpaid) do not qualify as trips under for Cash King incentive.

What is Earning Boost and Boost Zone

What if the hotspot is surging?

If the surge level is higher than boost, then the surge will apply and boost will not be in effect. Surge is subjected to the relevant Uber Service Fee. Html code here! Replace this with any non empty text and that’s it.

Is the multiplier I get based on the time that I accepted the trip or when the rider requested for the trip?

The Earnings Boost is based on the time and location the rider requested the trip.

Are there any T&Cs for ‘Earnings Boost’? E.g. TPH, Acceptance rate, Completion rate requirements?

No requirements. As long as you can get it!

What is the service fee applied on the Boost incentive?

No Commission Taken from Boost

Boost > Surge

Surge 1.2x Boost 3x
Since boost is higher than surge, boost top-up will apply.
Original Fare: $10
Trip Fare: $12 (inclusive of 1.2x surge)
Uber Fee: $2.40 (20% of $12)
Boost: (3x Boost – 1.2x Surge =1.8 Boost) 1.8 boost x $10 (original fare w/o surge) = $18

Total fare: $12- $2.40 (uber fee) = $9.60
Plus boost: $18
= $9.60 + $18 = $27.60

Surge < Boost

Surge 4x Boost 3x
No Boost since Surge is higher than Boost
Trip fare: $25 (inclusive of 4x Surge)
Uber Fee: $5 (20% of $25)
Boost: $0
Total fare: $20

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LATEST UPDATE – 29 August 2017

There is no more Acceptance Rating requirement to qualify for incentives.

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Not hitting a satisfactory earnings?

Read out more on Grab calculator- how much can you earn and understand whats the best cars to increase earnings

*In pursue of the weekly Incentives, we would like to remind our Driver community to always drive safe. It’s ok to lose some incentives, more importantly is to stay safe and go home for dinner.

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