Latest Grab Incentives for Drivers 2020- Grab Performance Rebate

Grab will announce a new incentive program for driver-partners. The new program will be called Grab Performance Rebate and will start from 1 July 2020.

The new program will replace almost all of the existing incentives. They include Upfront Commission Reduction, monthly-rated top DR and AR/CR Challenges, Diamond Tier Bonus, Birthday Rewards and Super Steady program.

All these incentives will end on 21 June 2020.

 The Grab Performance Rebate

image – Grab
  • Grab Driver-Partner commission rebate – To make it easier for our driver-partner to understand, the 12% discount does not mean you only pay 8% commission. It means 12% of 20% which works out to 17.6%. The amount of commission you will pay after the rebate is 17.6%.
  • GrabRental Hirer-Partners will receive an extra 8% commission rebate.
  • MyDestination, GrabHitch, GrabResponse and GrabExpress commissions will not be calculated as part of this program
  • Incentive payout will be by the 7th day of the month following the end of the quarter
  • Auto-Accept will be permanently switched on for all rides and deliveries.
    Driver-partners who opt-out for the Auto-Accept Always-on feature will not be eligible for Grab Performance Rebate and Locations to Avoid Feature
  • Drivers who which to opt-out of Auto-Accept Always-on feature can complete the form in the Discover Tab of their driver-app from 19 June 2020 onwards.

How to be Eligible for Grab Performance Rebate Incentive

Cancellation Rating =<10% and Driver Rating >=4.6 and Auto-Accept Always on must be enabled.

New Locations to Avoid Feature

Grab location to avoid
image – Grab

Grab drivers who have Auto-Accept Always On will also be able to use a new feature that let you exclude pick-ups and drop-offs from a selected area of your choice. For example, you do not want to pick up riders from the Tanjong Rhu area, you can use the feature to disable jobs from that area.

Grab Premium Incentive 

Grab Premium Incentive
image – Grab

Grab Premium incentives will also be revised with effect from 22 June 2020. There will be a lower ride target to achieve the commission rebate.

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Super Steady Incentive (*To Be Discontinued)

Grab has introduced a new Incentive program to reward their driver partners.

It will be based on a factor called ‘Streak‘. Streak is the number of months that a driver has driven at least 200 trips for Grab.

How does it work

The counting of Streak will be back-counted, which means if you have been driving more than 200 trips per month consecutively for 4 months, your Streak count will be at 4.

There are 2 components of the Super Steady Incentive Program for Drivers. The first part is Reward Payout.

Grab monthly streak Reward Payout
image – Grab

Example – Mr Abba has driven at least 200 trips per month between Jan 2018 to April 2018, he will be on Streak of 4. He will receive a $50 bonus on top of his total fares and other weekly incentives.

If Mr Abba continues to drive more than 200 trips every month until Dec 2018, his Steak will hit 12. He will receive a $100 bonus on top of his total fares and other weekly incentives.

Special Reward Cash-back for Drivers with Streak of 12 or more

The second part of the Super Steady Incentive is Reward Cash-back

Grab Super Steady Reward Cash Back
image – Grab

Drivers who clock a Streak of 12 and beyond will be eligible for a Reward Cash-back, on top of the reward payout.

Example – Mr Abba has clock 12 consecutive months of 200 trips per month. He will be eligible for the reward payout and reward cash-back.

If Mr Abba earns $4000 a month, he will get a reward payout of $100 plus a reward cash back of (1% of $4000=$40). In total, he will receive $140 under this Super Steady Incentive program. This is on top of his fares and weekly incentives.

When will the Super Steady Bonus Be Paid to Drivers

Drivers who qualify for the bonus will receive it in their credit wallet no later than the 7th of each month. Check out on the usual grab payment

Important Note

The Streak starts counting from the first month that Drivers clocks at least 200 trips or more.

The Streak is calculated based on the number of consecutive months a driver clocks 200 or more trips in a month. The Streak becomes ZERO when the driver fails to achieve at least 200 trips in a month.

Drivers must achieve minimum performance standards set out by Grab. Acceptance Rate cannot fall below 85%, Cancellation Rate cannot exceed 10% and Driver Ratings cannot fall below 4.3. Acceptance Ratings/Cancellation Ratings/Driver Rating requirements will be counted monthly instead of weekly for this particular incentive.

All Destination Trips do not contribute or qualify towards the count of trips for this incentive program.

Learn more about Grab’s Passenger No-Show Feature and how it can help to protect your cancellation ratings to achieve your incentives.

Completion Bonus Incentive

Grab is giving out more incentives to rewards its drivers. There will be a new Completion Bonus that will be randomly given to drivers when they complete a trip. This is a pilot programme for GrabCar Driver-Partners.

This comes shortly after Grab announced new features to the driver app.

How to tell if the trip has a Completion Bonus Incentive

Grab completion bonus
image – Grab

All trips that comes with the new Completion Bonus will show the bonus amount beside the regular fare.

When will the Bonus be paid

The bonus amount will be paid directly into the cash wallet immediately after the trip is completed. The bonus will only be paid if the trip is completed. All cancelled trips are not eligible.

Who Pays for the Bonus

Grab will pay for the bonus incentive. Drivers should NEVER collect the bonus amount from the passenger. All bonus payments are nett and not commission deductible.

When will I get these Bonus Calls

There is no fixed pattern or time to be assigned such calls. It may randomly just happen to be assigned to you.

How to check if Bonus is paid out

Grab drivers can check the Grab Driver App Cash Wallet and also the job history to see if the payment had been reflected after the trip. Any missing payment, they can contact Grab Customer Hotline and raise a ticket.


Drivers must update their Driver App to versions 5.35.0 (Android) and 1.21.0(iOS) and above to be able to receive jobs that comes with Completion Bonus.

Not hitting a satisfactory earnings?

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*In pursue of the weekly Incentives, we would like to remind our Driver community to always drive safe. It’s ok to lose some incentives, more importantly is to stay safe and go home for dinner.

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