Grab Chinese New Year Special Bonus on 4 February 2019

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The Chinese New Year week is here and Grab is giving away ‘ang pow’ in a way.

立春 (Li Chun) Credit top-ups

Every year, Chinese will swarm to queue up at cash deposit machine on this day called 立春 (Li Chun). It is believed that people who deposit money into their bank account during a specific time of that day will have increased wealth for the upcoming year. Here is a chart for those who wants to join the queue.

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Mark the Date – 4 February 2019

Grab has announced a 立春 (Li Chun) special top-up on 4 February 2019. Eligible drivers who top-up a minimum of $10 will have a 1-time matching $10 top-up from Grab. Drivers must be active GrabCar and GrabTaxi Driver Partners.

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Qualifying Timing

4 February 2019 between 0000 hours to 2359 hours

When payout

Eligible driver-partners will receive the $10 top-up into their credit wallet by 8 February 2019.

How to do the top-up?

Transfer a minimum of $10 from your cash wallet into your credit wallet during the qualifying timing on 4 February 2019.

Grab will match the top-up of $10 into your credit wallet.

Sure Got People Will Ask these Questions

Question: If I top-up $100, does it mean Grab top-up $100 also? 

Answer: YOU WAIT LONG LONG also don’t have.

Question: I too busy driving, forgot to top-up. I top-up on 5 February 0001 hour can?

Answer: Too late, try to be earlier next year if still have.

Question: If I top-up $2 for 5 times can qualify?

Answer: NO! Just top-up $10 one-time can anot!

Sharing is caring, remind all your Grab brothers to take advantage of this giveaway!

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