Grab Driver App Update – Automatic ERP Calculator

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Grab is introducing a ‘revolutionary’ new feature to the Grab Driver App. The feature is called the Automatic ERP Calculator, which automatically calculates the amount of toll incurred during a trip and is added to the final fare.

How Does Automatic ERP Calculator Work

At the end of the trip, click on the drop-off button. Instead of manually keying in the ERP incurred during the trip, the ERP amount ‘SHOULD’ automatically appear. We have used the word “SHOULD” as the feature is still in Beta Testing phase and may not be 100% accurate in recording all ERPs.

Auto ERP Calculator
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What if the ERP Amount is Missing/Wrong

Always check that the ERP is correct before you end the trip. Drivers are allowed to manually amend the ERP portion if the amount is wrong.

image – Grab

After confirming all the ERP charges are accurate, the driver will just have to complete the trip by clicking on Send.

Quickie Answers

  1. $1 ERP how to divide by 3
    ANS – Roundup to the nearest $0.05 and collect $0.35 from each rider (Cash or GrabPay)
  2. Will Grab take 20% commission from ERP?
    Ans – NO! 
  3. Is Sentosa gantry charges auto-charged to the rider?
    Ans – No, the charges are different for different rider.
  4. I gan jiong and forgot to key in my ERP for the trip
    Ans – You can try calling Grab Hotline. Most of the time, you will not be able to get it back. You just got to ‘Lan Lan’ suck thumb and learn not to forget.

Wah! Automatic ERP Calculator

For the new birds who have never driven for Uber before, they ought to be impressed with the new feature. It helps them to reduce the trouble of remembering all the tolls incurred during the trip and reduce the risk of forgetting to key it in.

As for the old-timers, we were wondering what took Grab so long again to “invent this feature”?

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