Grab Driver under the influence of drugs caused cyclist death

A part-time Grab driver has been sentenced to 15 months jail for causing the death of a cyclist while under the influence of drugs.

The part-time Grab driver works as a technician in the day and drives for additional income.

According to the Straits Times, the accident took place on 25 October 2016. The driver had taken cough syrup to induce sleep before he started his driving shift at midnight. After driving for a few hours, he returned home as he felt tired and sleepy.

The driver decided to resume driving at 5.30am again despite the fatigue. He consumed 2 epam tablets that were purchased in Lorong 12 Geylang to boost his energy level to work long hours. Epam tablets are actually used for people that have insomnia.

The Grab driver was swerving along the road repeatedly and even mounted the kerb when he did not control the car properly. Even after he mounted the kerb, he did not stop and continued hitting the rail guard.

Eventually, he collided with the 36-year-old construction worker from India, who was on his bicycle.

The driver continued driving for a short distance and only came to a stop to check the damage to his rental car. It was only then that he saw the cyclist lying on the ground and bleeding from his head and mouth.

The report showed that the driver had taken 6 types of drugs and had severely overdosed. Those drugs were found to have dangerous side-effects that could impair his ability to drive such as sleepiness, dizziness, reduced alertness and blurred vision.

During the court session, the prosecutor argued for a minimum jail term of 15 months and 8 years disqualification from driving for causing death and that he was highly culpable for the tragedy. The driver was also a recalcitrant traffic offender who had just been fined $200 for inconsiderate driving.

The driver could have faced up to 5 years in jail and/or fined for causing death by a rash act. He could also have been jailed up to 6 months and/or fined up to $5000 for driving under the influence of drugs.

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SOURCEThe Straits Times
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