Grab Drivers with modified app beats the system and their fellow drivers

The modified super app that Grab drivers have speculated is finally confirmed.

The Straits Times reported that there are private-hire drivers found to be using modified apps of Grab and Go-Jek. It said that drivers have been caught and punished with warnings and suspensions.

The issue of the modified app was brought up by a private-hire driver on Facebook. He alleged that some of his fellow Grab drivers were using modified apps to game the system. He felt unfair that he needed to drive more than 12 hours to earn $200 in fare while drivers could earn more while driving lesser.

image – Boon Tat Tan Facebook

Drivers were able to cancel and decline rides without affecting their driver ratings and cancellation ratings.

Grab Drivers are subjected to rigid performance metrics and are penalised for not meeting them. Grab may suspend the driver if their performance is not acceptable.

Grab has introduced a Fair Play Reward Programme that encourages drivers to whistle-blow any fraud. The reward is up to US$1,000 (S$1350).

Uncovering the Modified App

The modified app is not something new. Both Grab and Go-Jek drivers have been offered to modify their app at a monthly rate of $350 for Grab and $200 for Gojek.

Our readers shared a Youtube video showing how does the modified app work. Watch it while it lasts.

The Driver shows that the modified app did not affect his Acceptance Rating even though he did not accept the trips.

A word of caution, this is illegal and will probably get you into trouble once you are caught. We do not recommend drivers to approach them or anyone for modifying their driver app.

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