Grab introduces 3 Major Changes to protect your income

Grab is introducing major changes to protect driver partner’s income. As part of their Better 365 campaign, this round of changes addresses key issues that have been bothering driver partners for some time.

Get $4 for Passenger Cancellations 

Getting cancelled by riders is a daily affair. Drivers waste time and petrol to get to pick-up point only to find the trip request cancelled by the rider.

Grab is now introducing a $4 Passenger Cancellation Compensation to all drivers.

Grab $4 rider cancellation
image – Grab Singapore
How does it work

The driver accepts the trip request and the rider cancels the trip at least 5 minutes after acceptance, Grab will pay the driver $4 for the time and petrol.

The rule of thumb to get the Passenger Cancellation Compensation is 5 minutes after accepting.

The payment of $4 will be borne by Grab and will be credited by the following Monday 11.59pm. Grab is working on improving the system to automatically credit after a qualified cancellation.

Far Pick-up Bonus

Travelling long distance to do a pick-up can be very frustrating. Grab is introducing a Far Pick-up Bonus of $3 for Drivers.

There are 3 requirements to be eligible for the Far Pick-up Bonus.

  • Job was auto-accepted
  • Distance to pick-up point is more than 3km (based on GrabMap)
  • Job is completed
Grab Far Pick-up bonus
image – Grab Singapore

The bonus will be borne and paid by Grab. Drivers must not collect the bonus from the rider. The bonus will be paid directly into Grab Driver app cash wallet after the completion of the trip.

Unmatched GrabShare cash-back

No match on GrabShare, no problem. Grab is offering 5% commission cashback on unmatched GrabShare trips.

The cashback amount will be credited into your credit wallet the next working day and will be reflected in the driver app incentive tab.

Update your App

Drivers must update their driver app to the latest version to be able to receive the bonuses. Please ensure that you’re on Android v5.34.0 / iOS v1.21.0 or above.

Enjoy the carrots? Here comes the stick

Are you one of those on cherry-picker strategy who accept only high-fare trips?

Starting 17 September 2018, Grab is coming for you. Besides punishing drivers with low weekly acceptance ratings, Grab is implementing a temporary time-out feature on drivers who consistently ignore or cancel jobs.

Drivers on a time-out will not receive jobs temporarily. Grab did not mention how long the time-out period will last.


Information and images – Grab Singapore