What is Grab Kerbside Assistance Hotline

Grab has introduced a new support service for drivers-partners. As part of the Better 365 initiatives, the support service address many concerns that drivers have on the road.

The new service is named Kerbside Assistance Hotline where drivers-partners can contact Grab and allow time-sensitive, critical and emergencies situations to be resolved immediately.

Drivers can be assured that they will be supported by Grab for any incidents during transit. The Kerbside Assistance Hotline number is 6801 4177

Grab drivers can call the Kerbside Assistance Hotline for the following urgent situations while in-transit

Grab kerbside assistance hotline
image – Grab Singapore

Grab reminds all driver-partners that in situations where driver and rider’s safety is compromised, the first point of contact should always be the relevant authorities such as the Police or the SCDF.

For example, if your car caught fire during a trip, you should call the SCDF hotline instead of the Kerbside Assistance Hotline.

Misuse of Hotline will be Chargeable 

This service is reserved for time-sensitive situations and abusers of the service will be fined a fee of $50 from driver’s cash wallet by the following Tuesday of the incident. Abusers of the system will result in delayed assistance to those who really need it urgently.

Situations that you should not call the Hotline

For many drivers who like to call the Grab’s hotline and get the customer service to cancel the trip on their behalf for rider-no-show, do not call the new Kerbside Assistance Hotline as it is a non-emergency and result in a $50 fine.

If you did not receive your payment or incentives, this is an emergency for you for not for Grab. Contact the Grab’s hotline instead. For all driver-app issues, drivers should also contact the Grab Hotline.

If your car breaks down or had a flat tyre while you are not on trip/booking, you should get a tow-car yourself. Drivers should only contact the Kerbside Assistance Hotline if they are on a trip.

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