Grab launches Grab&Go service to let riders buy products in the car

Grab has introduced a new service that allows riders to purchase items from the Grab driver during their trip. The new service is called Grab&Go.

Grab has partnered US tech company Cargo to launch this new service. Cargo has already worked with ride-hailing companies such as Uber to offer this service in the United States.

How does Grab&Go work

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image – Grab

Riders can choose from a range of complementary or paid products such as cereal bar, sunscreen, hair serum and snacks.

Riders can access the Grab&Go digital menu from their smartphones, select their items and collect the items from the driver at the end of their trip.

They have to enter a unique 5-digit code of the product that is displayed on the box. This will ensure the payment is made to the correct driver. The cost of the item will be added to the final Grab bill.

Grab&Go Receipt
image – Grab

Win-Win for Drivers and Riders

The launch of Grab&Go as an integrated service is a win-win for both drivers and riders. Riders enjoy the convenience of purchasing small essential items on the go and drivers can make extra money while on the job.

Channel NewsAsia reported that Grab&Go drivers can make up to an additional $75 to $250 a month. Drivers make a 20 per cent commission for every paid sale and a $1 bonus on every transaction.

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How does it work for Grab&Go Drivers

The products to carry will be decided by Grab&Go who will change based on rider buyer behaviour.

Drivers will carry between two to four weeks of inventory at any time. They will be automatically notified to replenish their supplies when it runs low at Grab driver hub by Cargo’s inventory management system.

The Grab&Go service is targeted to launch with 1,000 cars and hundreds of GrabCar drivers have already signed up to provide the service.

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