Grab reminds Taxi Drivers who charges the least commission

Comfort Delgro has imposed a new levy structure for taxi job bookings and it has upset many taxi drivers. Affected taxi drivers raised their concern that they would end up paying more commission to the Comfort Delgro for taking job bookings.

The new levy structure will take effect from 25 September 2018.

TODAYonline reported that The National Taxi Association has raised concerns with Comfort Delgro, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS). Comfort Delgro decided to proceed despite the concerns raised.

The new levy structure

image credit – TODAYonline

Under the old structure, Comfort Delgro charged drivers a flat levy of $0.30-$1 for bookings regardless of the fare.

Under the new levy structure, Comfort Delgro will waive all levy for bookings below $12. However, they will charge a 3.9% levy on the fare for fares $12 and above.

Many taxi drivers are upset as they mentioned most of the booking jobs are above $12 in fare. They would have to pay a $1.17 levy under the new structure for a $30 fare trip. They would have been paying between $0.30 to $1 under the old structure.

Grab’s ‘Lak Gek Nia’ Message

Grab 60 Cent
image – Grab

Shortly after the announcement of the new levy structure, Grab send out a heart-wrenching message to all taxi drivers.


Agar-Agar Translation – Our success or failure from the beginning is dependent on the support of the taxi drivers.

They also took the opportunity to remind taxi drivers that Grab has the lowest Standard Taxi Booking rate in town of 60 cents.

Lak gak nia = 60 Cents Only

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