Grab Rental Discount for Comfort Taxi Drivers

On Sunday 3rd September night, it was reported that Grab sent out sms message to comfort delgro taxi drivers informing them of an attractive discount of $50 per day.

If they switch to Taxi companies that partners with grab, namely TransCab, Prime, SMRT, Premier.

Apparently there is no target on the numbers of rides and driver who are keen has to make a decision by 15th september 2017.

The discount for comfort taxi drivers to switch to a partner taxi companies would euqate to $1500 per month or 40% discount for comfort drivers. If the comfort driver choose to switch to Private Hire, they will receive a bigger discount for $1688 per month.

No doubt Grab is dangling a big fat carrot to attract drivers to take up their fleet from comfort and response has been overwhelming with people flocking to Grab office to find out more.

The motivation of grab is clearly to spoil Uber/comfort partnership as this comes 1 week after and not forgetting Grab has just received a massive funding, which allows them to give more promotion to riders but also attract drivers from competitors to reduce their supply numbers.

This might even worsen uber situation with excess cars which we reported last week that LCR is trying to sell away their fleet.

Should you take up the offer?

It is definitely a very attractive offer from Grab, to pull drivers from competitor in the short term and reducing their supply when taxi companies are facing increasing empty fleet. However the details of the promotion or fine prints are not been circulated. is this rate going to be permanently or grab has every right to revert to the old price? Other things to consider are also the cost of fuel from the company and how well do they take care of the drivers.

Given that the promotion last till next week, Drivers who are keen, can afford to wait and see, who knows Uber/ comfort partnership would announce an even better promotion who those who stays.