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How to Win Grab RoadStars Driver competition

What is Grab Roadstars Driver competition

Roadstars is a high-stakes competition organised by Grab to reward the best performing drivers. The inaugural Roadstars competition was held in first half of 2017 and was a roaring success. A driver from the champion team claimed to have made $25-$26k in the month of competition. Roadstar 2.0 is back and is easier than ever to take part in.


Registrations will remain open until Thursday 20 July, 12pm. Drivers need to sign up by Thursday 12pm in order to qualify for the following week’s game.

Who is eligible

All GrabCar Economy , GrabCar Premium and GrabTaxi drivers are eligible. All trips that fall under GrabCar Economy 4-seater/ 6seater, GrabCar Premium 4seater/6 seater, GrabFamily, GraShare and GrabTaxi are eligible

How to Join

Join as a team of 3 drivers to compete for the group category or join as a lone ranger to fight for the individual awards. Drivers are allowed to take part in both category.

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RoadStars 2.0 promises more prizes for group and individual category

Team Prize

image credit – Grab

Individual Category Prize

image credit – Grab

How to win Roadstars 2.0

Every completed trip earns the team/individual points. The team/individual that accumulates the highest number of points in the period will win. So in short, just keep driving !

There are also games that accumulates additional points. Some of which

  • Complete a trip – 500 points
  • Complete a trip in hotspot during specified time – 500 points
  • Pick-up a Grab VIP – 10000 points
  • Receive 5 star rating – 1000 points

Part-timer can win too

500 lucky drivers will share the first $250,000 – which equates to $500 each! The average number of weekly rides completed during Road Stars 2 increases chances of winning. The remaining $250,000 will be split amongst all other eligible participants.


  • Maintain Grab’s eligibility criteria for weekly incentive
  • Eligible to drive from 1 July 2017 onwards
  • Any suspension/ban of any member at the end of the week will disqualify the team

What are you waiting for ? Faster sign-up and go for the LUCKY DRAW !