Grab to take up to 40% commission from Drivers

5 Jan 2018

In an email sent to Grab Driver Partners, Grab thanked the drivers for the feedback on the recently implemented 30% acceptance rate and decided to redesign the policy to address driver’s concern of not being able to cover costs.

Many drivers had expressed their displeasure and upset with the minimum acceptance rating that Grab had imposed on them.

Most drivers would be breathing a sigh of relief after reading the comforting words from Grab but they were in for a greater shock when they continued reading up the new policy.

Grab’s new Acceptance Rating Policy

image – Grab Singapore

Drivers will no longer be suspended immediately when their acceptance rating is below the minimum standard of 30%.

Under the new policy, 1st-timer who do not meet the 30% requirement will receive a ‘notification’ to maintain a 30% acceptance rating requirement.

2nd-timer and beyond will have a bigger commission percentage payable to Grab. Drivers who have a weekly acceptance rate of between 15% to 29.9% will have to pay to Grab a commission of 30% for all trips for the week.

For drivers who achieve a weekly acceptance rating of below 15%, the commission taken by Grab will increase to 40% for all trips in the week.

Drivers should also maintain a cancellation rating of below 15%.

Tough Love treatment for Grab Drivers

This round of policy change is one of the harshest ever seen by Grab. If you read the changes properly, you only have 1 chance in a year to make a mistake.

For drivers who achieve 30% and below for the second time in a calendar year, they will be banished and punished to the 30%/40% commission tier when their weekly acceptance rating falls below 30%.

The count will only be reset on a yearly basis. It means if you screwed up twice in January 2018, you will be banished to the higher commission payable category everytime you have a weekly AR of less than 30% for the rest of 2018 until the following year, which is 1 Jan 2019. Only then you start fresh again.

Grab’s justification for the latest changes

Encourage drivers to accept all jobs so that the nearest driver can be dispatched to the rider in the fastest time. When drivers are more willing to accept jobs, riders will not have to book multiple times because no driver wants to accept them.

Let’s work together to make it a pleasant Grab experience for everyone.

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