Grab to more than double platform fee


Starting from 5th May (Friday), Private hire platform Grab will more than double its platform fee from $0.30 to $0.70 for each ride. The increase is applicable to all grab transport types and will bring grab platform fee closer to its competitor ride hailing platforms

Comparing other platform’s platform fee, Gojek is already charging $0.70. Tada has 2 tiers of platform fee, above $18 ride it would be $0.75, below $18 ride it would be $0.55.

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The ride hailing industry is facing challenges with shortages of driver to meet the increasing demand. in order to attract more private hire driver and ex driver, Grab has also launched relevant private hire driver incentive. Old COE car more than 10 years old are allowed to join grab platform.

In addition, Grab cited the reason for the increase because of App improvement in safety, reliability and drivers benefits.

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