Grab to double your top-up credit only today

This is a 1 day only incentive 

Grab will top-up your credit wallet by $30 when you deposit $30 into your driver-partner credit wallet.


4th February 2018. It is valid for top-up made between 09:00 hours and 18:59 hours only.


For the first 2000 driver-partners to make the $30 deposit into the credit wallet on 4th February 2018 between 9 am to 6.59pm, they will also get 100% commission rebate for all trips made between 16 February 2018 to 18 February 2018.

When will receive the top-up

Drivers will receive the $30-top-up in their credit wallet on 5 February 2018 by 11pm.

Best timing to deposit money

You might have seen an insane queue at all banks today. People are rushing to deposit money as it is believed that depositing money into the bank account today will bring abundant wealth in the coming year according to Chinese Traditions.

You can skip the queue and try to deposit in your credit wallet as an alternative.

Image – Grab Singapore

Important note on the promotion

Each Grab driver-partner is only eligible for 1-time $30 top-up bonus from Grab. You can deposit 10 X $30 but Grab will only top-up $30 for you 1 time.

The top-up amount must be $30 in 1 transaction. If you have top-up $5 over 6 times in the qualifying period, you will not be eligible for the promotion.

The qualifying period is strictly on 4 February 2018, between 9 am to 6.59 pm.

How to top-up

Grab driver-partners can top up the credit wallet through the Grab Driver App, DBS ATM or through M1. Grab will use the timestamp from the driver app or the ATM transaction to ascertain the eligibility of the deposit.

Time is running out. Faster top-up!

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