Grabcar Driver molested 21 year old student for an hour

In the first of its kind, a GrabCar driver has been sentenced to 16 months jail for molesting a 21-year-old student in the car.

The Straits Times reported that the GrabCar Driver took advantage of the victim when he was unable to wake the rider when they reached the destination. Instead he moved to the rear seat and started to kiss the student, touched her private parts and made her touch him while she was asleep.

When the victim woke up, she was shocked to see the driver sitting next to her. He was stroking her upper thigh and caressing her body. She hurriedly paid him $20 for the trip and rush out of the car without taking her belongings.

The victim was in shock and distressed about the incident before she eventually lodged a police report.

90 minutes of nightmare

The trip was supposed to be a 20 minute journey but the rider only reached home 90 minutes later. The driver had blatantly violated the victim in the vehicle for almost an hour. The whole ordeal only ended when the victim woke up and quickly exited the vehicle.

No remorse

The prosecution seek a jail sentence of at least 16 months for the Grabcar Driver who had abused his position as a service provider and took advantage of the rider’s vulnerability. The prosecution also added that the driver Ng had not shown remorse by claiming trial to the case. Ng had also only pleaded guilty after the victim testified and forced to give an account of what happened in court.


Ng has been sentenced to 16 months’ jail for his actions. He will be spared the rod as he is over the age of 50. He could have been jailed up to 2 years.

Disgraceful and Shocking

The actions of the disgraced driver are shocking. Not only has he used his filthy hands on the victim’s body, he has also scarred her emotionally for life.

A moment of folly caused a lifetime of hurt. It is an unfortunate event that should never happen again.

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SOURCEThe Straits Times
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