GrabHitch Driver FAQs & Getting Started

Who pays for ERP on a GrabHitch trip

Hitch Drivers bear the cost of ERP. In cases where Drivers have to enter an ERP zone just to pick up or drop their Hitch Rider thereby incurring additional fees, Drivers may gently ask your Hitch Rider to share the cost with you.

Do check with Rider upon accepting the booking and not during or after the ride to avoid dispute. If rider is not willing to bear/share the cost of ERP, Driver should not impose it on them.

Is GrabHitch legal

GrabHitch is fully legal and in compliance with Singapore’s regulations. As of March 2015, under Road Traffic (Car Pools) (Exemption) Order 2015, LTA has allowed private car owners to be reimbursed for providing carpooling services

Does insurance cover GrabHitch

Income, Aviva, AIG and MSIG have confirmed that personal motor insurance purchased from them will be able to cover GrabHitchrides as they are considered a social carpooling platform, not for hire or reward. if your personal motor insurance is under another insurer apart from these major players and would like to know if your policy covers GrabHitch rides, contact Grab and let their team advice you

Does insurance cover GrabHitch Riders

Grab’s group Personal Accident Insurance provides blanket coverage for all Hitch Riders as of 1 Jun 2017. Coverage includes accidental death, permanent disablement, and medical expenses in the event of accidents during a GrabHitch ride.

GrabHitch Drivers are reminded to adhere to LTA carpooling regulations of not more than 2 carpooling trips a day in order for the insurance to be valid

Non-commercial drivers are allowed to complete 2 trips in a calendar day. Each trip is defined as the location of your first rider’s pick-up point to your own intended destination and may consist of more than 1 pickup so long as the pickups are along the same way.

How to use the Grab Hitch App?

The app for GrabHitch Drivers is the same app as the normal Grab rider app. There is no extra app to download to drive on GrabHitch

  • Click on the Grab App
  • At the top left corner of the app, click on the three white stripes
  • There will be a pop-up. At the bottom of the screen, click on drive for hitch
  • The app will be in Driver mode. Repeat the same steps to get back to Rider mode

Creating your own Route

Create the route that you are travelling to.

  • Key in the Starting and Ending Point
  • Key in the date and time that you are expecting to leave your starting point
  • Choose number of seats that you want to offer to pick-up. You can choose between 1-4
  • If you prefer to travel only with the same gender, click on the same gender passenger
  • Click on create route

Choose who you want to Hitch today

  • Select My Routes and click on the route that you have created
  • Go through the list and see the GrabHitch request that best suits you
  • Click on the Rider that you want to Hitch and slide Accept
  • The confirmed Hitch ride will be reflected in the Confirmed Tab. Rider will be notified via the app.
  • As a best practice, Driver should drop Rider a text to confirm the ride and time

Start of GrabHitch Trip

  • Click on the Hitch trip that you want to take and click on “CONFIRMED”
  • When you reached Rider pick-up location, click on “I’m Here” to inform rider that you have reached
  • Once Rider board the car, verify the identity and click on “Pick-Up”
  • At the destination, click on “Drop Off”.
  • Check if the payment is GrabPay or Cash. Collect payment accordingly

Quick Hitch Option

The other option to hitch a Rider is the Quick Hitch Option. Drivers will be able to see live Hitch Requests from Riders that are still available.

The Quick Hitch option will show the pick-up location, drop-off location, time of pick-up, number of riders and the price

How to Cash out GrabHitch earnings

Update your particulars

Drivers can change their particulars on the app. Go to Hitch Driver Mode -> Profile -> Settings

  • Details of car
  • Bank Account
  • Profile photo
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