Z10 Insurance, PDVL Test & Course & Grab Requirements

Latest Update on 15-September-2020 – Major changes in Private-hire Driver Requirement.

Private-hire car drivers are now required to obtain PDVL before they can start driving with effect from 1 July 2017.

Under amendments passed to the Road Traffic Act in Parliament on February 7 2017.

All existing Drivers who had applied and submitted their application before 1 July 2017 will be allowed to continue driving until 30 June 2018.

All Drivers will be required to possess a valid PDVL by 30 June 2018, if not they will not be allowed to drive anymore.

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    Phone Number
    Date of Birth
    Car Plate
    Car Model
    Driving Experience
    No Claim Discount

    Latest update – With effect from 1 October 2017, it is no longer required to register a business entity to own a private-hire vehicle.

    Applicants for PDVL could also be employed by a limousine company.

    All PR and work pass Drivers must have Driver as their occupation on their employment passes. They must also be employed under a limousine company

    All applicants must possess a valid Class 3 or 3A (auto) driver’s licence for a minimum period of 2 years period prior to application.

    All applicants have to undergo a compulsory 10 hours training and pass the required test to qualify for a PDVL.

    Tamper-evident decals
    From 1 July 2017, all chauffeur-driven private-hire cars must be affixed with tamper-evident decals issued by the LTA for identification purposes.
    The decal is made tamper-evident and non-transferrable. See how the private-hire car decal look like

    Demerit Points System
    Private Hire Car Drivers will be governed by the same demerit point system currently applied across all taxi drivers in Singapore. They must also abide by a similar code of conduct and standards relating to vehicle cleanliness and dressing during the course of work.

    PDVL Course & Test Structure

    The upcoming PDVL requirement is coming to you in no time.

    In the near future, all private-hire drivers must possess a PDVL to be eligible to offer private hire service in Singapore. Find out if you qualify to be a private-hire driver

    Requirements to attend PDVL course

    • Approval letter from LTA to attend course
    • Certified by doctor to be medically fit to operate as a driver
    • GCE ‘O’ / ‘N’ Level English (min D7 grade) or WSQ Conversational English

    Course Details

    All course participants will undergo a series of classroom lectures and self-study programme to equip themselves with the skills to be a professional chauffeur.


    Singapore Taxi Academy
    46 Kim Yam Road
    The Herencia
    Singapore 239351

    Total Duration

    10 hours that consists of 8 hours of classroom training and 2 hours of self-study

    • Full time course will be completed in 1 day. 8 hours of classroom training
    • Part-time course will be completed in 4 days. 2 hours of classroom training per day

    Size of class

    Minimum 20 and a maximum of 25 per class

    All course participants must attend all the lessons and complete all the classroom exercises prior to taking the final Exam.

    PDVL Test Syllabus

    Examination 1 – Service quality, occupational health and safety
    Examination 2 – Private Hire Rules and Regulations

    Refresher course

    • Valid PDVL Holders are required to renew their licence once every 3 years
    • Attend compulsory 3 hour Refresher course once every 6 years
    • Course fee for refresher course – $40 per trainee

    Cost of Programme

    Course Fee – $107

    Exam Fee – $10.70 (Registration) + $$5.35 per test

    Course material – $26.75 (Include textbook, notes and worksheet)

    Have you registered ?

    Registration is EASY. Both Uber and Grab are encouraging drivers to sign-up with them through
    Uber’s FastLane program and Grab to sign up via email link.

    More than 5000 applicants were received by LTA in the opening weeks of applications.
    Medical appointments arranged by Uber have been filling up fast and there were many reports of long queue at SATA clinics, which is the partner clinic for Grab for this round of driver medical examination.

    Steps to be a Grab Driver using own car

    Getting your vehicle

    There are two ways to obtain a registered vehicle suitable for driving
    Most drivers rent a vehicle from and Uber/Grab rental partner company. This hassle-free way allows you to start driving and earning money immediately!

    The second method is to use your own vehicle, If you plan to use your own car, here are the 4 steps below on how to register your vehicle to drive

    Find out more about the Driver Car rental Program

    1. Register a company: You will need to register a company (Sole-proprietor/ Private Limited/ Limited Liability Partnership). Business activity code 49219 [Passenger land transport NEC (Private cars for hire with operator)]. With effect from 1 October 2017, it is no longer compulsory to register a business entity. 
    2. Commercial Car Insurance: Commercial Car insurance for your vehicle is compulsory to drive on Uber and Grab platform. This is to ensure that both you and the rider are insured in the event of an accident.
    3. Vehicle Conversion: Convert your vehicle classification from P10 / P11 to Z10 / Z11 at LTA. You will need an updated ACRA print out, valid commercial insurance and company’s director signature If you still have financing on your car, you would need to refinance your car loan from your personal name to company name in order to convert it to private car for hire. 
    4. Account Activation: To activate your account. You will need your NRIC, Driving licence, vehicle log card that shows Z10/Z11 classification, commercial insurance cover note, ACRA print out showing business activity code 49219 [Passenger land transport NEC (Private cars for hire with operator)]
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