Inward-Facing Car Video Cameras: Private Hire Grab Drivers Allowed Audio Record

Inward Facing Car Camera

Come 15 July Private hire Grab Drivers will be allowed to record Audio on top of the the already allowed video Recording for Inward facing camera. This ruling applies to Taxi drivers and Drivers who offer rides for payment.

However permission has to be obtained from LTA to Install inward facing camera. Cars that have inward facing camera installed is required to display sign of its presence.

Passengers will have concerns about their privacy with such recording devices facing them and feel uneasy. As such for Prebooked rides, passengers will be notified of its presence and if passengers is uncomfortable about it they can choose not to take up the ride.

Also To protect passengers privacy, only authorized personnel will have access to the recording. Within the car, Drivers are not allowed to record with any other recording device like mobile phone.

Grab Drivers which Firstlane spoke to support this initiative greatly as it can add as a deterrence to rude passengers and aid in investigation if there is a dispute or incident. This will protect the interest of Drivers better by aiding in the identification of the passenger if a need arise.

As of now only 3 companies have been authorised to install inward facing camera devices. They are namely i Vision, Solo, and SSTA Technology Development

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