PHV & Taxi drivers allowed to make Food & Gorcery deliveries

grocery delivery singapore

Amid the Ongoing Covid19 Situation in Singapore, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan posted on his facebook (Below) about allowing PHV and Taxi Drivers to perform home and Food Deliveries with immediate effect till end of june.

The Concern of the government in not allowing PHV and Taxi to undertake Deliveries is because it may affec t he traditional passenger service, and increase traffic Jam. however this is an unprecedented time, where demand for Taxi and PHV on the Road has reduced drastically when tourist are not coming, people working from home and the latest measure to close entertainment establishment.

There is a trial ongoing with Grab and now this will be expanded to other PHV operator and Taxi Drivers to join the program.

As government imposed stricter rules in social distancing, discouraging the public from going to shopping malls and encourage them to purchase groceries online. demand for online groceries has increased greatly but online groceries has problem fulfilling the orders due to limited resource to deliver.

With opening up the delivery job to all PHV and Taxi Drivers, it is hope that it can help to supplement the income of the drivers and also to contribute to meeting the demands of online groceries and food delivery.

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