Pick-up and Drop-off point for Uber/Grab for F1 2017

The F1 weekend 2017 is back again in Singapore between 15 September 2017 to 17 September 2017. Road Closures and diversions for this coming F1 Grand Prix 2017 will start from 13 September 2017 (Wednesday).

High surges and fares are expected for this event. Get yourself updated with the traffic diversions and know how to make the most money from this annual extravaganza. There are designated pick-up points for private-hire vehicles (Uber/Grab) that are different from Taxis. Scroll to the bottom to see where are the pick-up and drop-off point for different gates.

13 September (Wednesday) to 15 September (Friday) 2017

image – LTA

16 September (Saturday) to 17 September (Sunday) 2017


image – LTA

All roads will be fully reopened by 19 September 2017 (Tuesday)

Designated pick-up and drop off point for Private-Hire Vehicles (Uber/Grab) 

image credit – singaporegp.sg


Important tip for Pick-up for F1 event

Always check for the correct rider. When rider board, Ask them for their name instead of asking “Are you John”. Driver can do a double verification by asking where they are heading to and check against their destination on the app. If they cannot answer or gives the wrong answer, always be prepared to offload them than to proceed and not getting paid in the end for picking the wrong rider. Many riders will claim to be whatever name you said to get a ride out of the F1 area.

What to expect for F1 Weekend

  • High Surge/Fare island-wide – When all the private-hire cars are stuck in town, the supply to the neighbourhood becomes lesser. Many Private-Hire Drivers who do not want to join in the jam will also avoid going near town.
  • Causeway-like Jam – Be prepared to eat, drink and even relieve yourself in the car as you will be caught in a massive jam in and out.
  • Lots of cancellations expected – Driver/Riders alike will be lost where to pick-up and drop-off especially there are different pick-up and drop-off points for private-hire cars and taxis. Expect cancellations to be high when time to pick-up is 3-4 times longer than expected time.

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