Private-Hire Driver drives into water after being chased

In a bizarre accident that occurred at Sentosa Cove, a 36-year-old man driving a Private Hire Vehicle plunged into the waters at One Degree Fifteen.

It is reported that the Private-Hire Driver was being chased by a Sentosa Ranger who was involved in a traffic accident with the Driver.

Both the Driver and Sentosa ranger were conscious when taken to Singapore General Hospital for treatment.

Shocking video of Toyota Esquire driving straight into the waters after being chased by 2 Sentosa Rangers

And then a hero comes along

The Straits Times reported that a man who was on another nearby yacht jumped into the sea and rescued the man trapped in the vehicle. Mr. Roberts, 36, managed to break the window and pulled the trapped driver out in a couple of minutes. Mr. Roberts is from South Africa and and has been in Singapore since March 2017.

Driver arrested and charged

The 36 year-old driver who drove the luxurious Toyota Esquire MPV into the waters has been arrested and charged with criminal trespass and committing a rash act causing hurt.

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