Scheduled Rides – Advanced Car Booking for Grab

Grab has launched a new product to benefit their riders.

Scheduled Rides, or better known as advanced booking, will be made available to Grab riders.

What is Grab Scheduled Rides

Grab riders will be able to book their car 10 to 30 minutes in advance for a low booking fee of only $8.

How does it work for Grab Drivers

Grab Scheduled Rides
image – Grab Singapore

The driver will receive the scheduled job in advance and expected to reach the pick-up point early. If the scheduled pick-up time is 7 pm, the 5-minutes waiting time period only starts from 7 pm even though the driver may have reached at 6.50 pm.

Rules of Engagement

Riders are not obliged to start the trip early even though you have reached early. Drivers can try their luck and ask if the rider would like to start early.

ERP, tolls and parking charges before pick-up is not chargeable to the rider. If you reach 11 minutes earlier and incurred parking fees, you are on your own.

Acceptance Rate (AR) and Cancellation Rate (CR) applies.

Rider No-show $4 applies if the rider cancels after 5 minutes after the trip is accepted.

The total fare will be inclusive of the scheduling fee. Grab’s commission applies for the $8 scheduling fee.

image – Grab Singapore

What-Ifs – When Shit Happens

When the driver is caught up in a jam or in the toilet and will be late

What Grab says – Contact rider and say sorry! Explain the situation, give an estimated time of arrival and ask the rider if they are willing to wait. 

When the driver comes early and discover he cannot wait at the pick-up location

What Grab says – Find a suitable waiting location nearby and check with the rider to coordinate the best timing to drive over and pick them up. 

Is it worth it?

$6.40 extra (after 20% commission paid to Grab) will it justify the additional time and maybe parking charges that rider wasted to wait for the rider?

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