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What is Uber Consecutive Trip Boost

Consecutive Trip Boost

How does the new Uber Consecutive trip boost work

Have you been seeing a new blue box recently at the right-hand corner of your Uber Driver App while you are waiting for a trip? This is a new incentive introduced by Uber called the Consecutive Trip Boost.

  1. Stay online on your Driver app between trips
  2. Accept the next trip request
  3. Get rewarded with the consecutive trip boost by remaining online and accepting your trips

FAQs on Uber Consecutive Trip Boost

  • What trips are eligible
    All UberX, UberPool, UberXL trips are eligible
  • What happens if my rider cancels the trip?
    The additional boost earnings will remain eligible for the next trip request
  • What happens if a rider is unreachable and doesn’t show up?
    If your rider is a no-show after the allotted time, driver’s cancellation will not reset the consecutive trip count
  • How much commission does Uber take
    Just like Uber’s boost incentives, no fee will be taken from driver’s consecutive trip boost earnings