Uber/ Grab Driver Jailed for Stealing Petrol

A 39 Year old Uber/ Grab Private Hire Car driver, William Tan was jailed for Stealing petrol in 2 occasions and Drugs Related offences

Details of his Crime

According to Channelnewsasia Report, in the first occasion Mr Tan Fix Fake Car plate license onto to his rented Toyota Altis and drove off after pumping petrol at a Shell Petrol station in Sengkang. The petrol he had stolen was worth $101.09.

On the second occasion, he used another set of fake car plate to pump petrol at a petrol station in Yio Chu Kang. This time round he stole was $99.30 worth of Petrol.

Both incident happened in May 2017 and judging by the fact he used 2 different sets of car plate to prevent the authorities in linking up both occasions. In total, over $200 worth of petrol was stolen and He simply pump the petrol and drove off.

On a separate offence, Mr Tan was charged with Drug consumption and failed to report for his regular urine test 14 times.


For the Offences committed, Mr Tan was Sentenced to 14 months of Jail for theft of the petrol plus failed to take his urine test. With a criminal record like this he would lose his PDVL and getting it back would be very tough. Once trust is broken, it will take alot more to regain.

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