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How does Uber Multiple Destinations feature work

Starting 24 August 2017, Riders will be able to book multiple-stops in a single Uber booking. It has taken a long time for Uber to introduce this feature especially after Grab launched their own multi-stop option in the middle of 2017.

What was the problem

Previously, the rider had to change the destination for each additional stop in a single booking. Many riders who did not inform the Driver upfront of multiple stops were sometimes unable to carry on to the second destination as the driver may have accepted the next incoming job request.

How many destinations can rider add in the new feature

The rider can add up to 2 additional stops. In total, the driver can expect to go up to 3 destinations in 1 booking.

How to book multiple destinations on Uber Rider app

  1. Go to Uber Rider app. Remember to update your app to the latest version
  2. Click on the + Sign beside the destination box to add stops anytime before or during the trip
  3. An upfront fare will be shown for the multiple-stop trip. There will also be a split fare feature to divide the fare equally among friends.

How do multiple destinations look like on Uber Driver App

image – Uber app

When Driver arrives at the first destination, there will be a confirm stop at the bottom of the screen for the driver to slide. It works like how a trip is ended on a regular UberX or UberPool trip. After sliding CONFIRM STOP, the second destination will be shown and driver can activate the GPS to guide them to the second destination.

FAQs on Multiple Destinations

  • How many trips does it count towards incentives for a 3-stop trip?
    ANS- It will be counted as 1 trip
  • How long is the waiting time at each stop
    ANS – Drivers will wait up to a maximum of 3 minutes at each additional stop