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What is Grabcar Multi-Stop Ride booking

Grab will launch a new feature to allow riders to have multiple stops on a single trip.

The Multi-Stop Ride feature allows rider to key in additional stop upfront and the additional stop will be visible to the Driver before they accept the trip.

The additional distance of the second drop-off point will be calculated upfront and be reflected in the fixed fare when passengers make the booking.

The Mutlti-Stop Rides feature for Grab will go live from 24-May-2017

[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/217774091/6ac7bc81ca”]

What’s is Good about the feature

  • Grab Drivers do not need to haggle with rider over the Grab additional stop surcharge. Many riders always claim the additional stop it is along the way and refuse to pay it
  • Know where is the final destination upfront.

What type of trips are included

  • GrabShare is excluded in the new feature as it does not allow for additional stops.

Key Features to Take Note

  • The Multi-Stop Feature will only work for 1 additional stop per ride. If Rider requires more than 1 additional stop, the additional stop surcharge policy will be applied from the second stop onwards
  • Waiting time grace period of 5 minutes apply for the additional stop. Riders are given 5 minutes of grace period at the additional stop. If riders takes more than 5 minutes at the additional stop, the waiting time surcharge will apply in 5-minutes block
  • Each additional stop does not count as additional trip. 1 booking request with 2-3 stops equals to 1 trip count
  • Rider are not allowed to detour to the second drop-off first and then the first. Drivers must follow the drop-off point sequence on the Driver App
  • Surge Pricing may still apply irregardless of whether there is an additional stop

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