Uber removes ERP/Toll reimbursement for Drivers

Updated on 15 August 2017

Uber has decided to pull the plug on the ERP/toll reimbursement program for Uber Drivers that it had been trying out for the past few months. They cite results and feedbacks from the reimbursement survey as the reason for the immediate cessation.

Problems with the ERP/toll reimbursement system

  • Hassle to submit – Drivers need to screenshot the trip, fill the trip details and upload the trip screenshot.
  • Did not receive reimbursement – Many Drivers complained that they did not receive the reimbursement and when they feedback to Uber, Uber claimed that no records were found
  • Difficulty in tracking – It is difficult to track when Drivers complete 20-30 trips a day.

Despite all the difficulties in using the system, Drivers still put in the effort to get back every penny. Now we can only wonder why would Uber want to remove an initiative that Drivers would definitely not hate having.

The Now-Defunct ERP/toll Reimbursement Program for Uber Drivers

Starting 1 May 2017, Uber will reimburse driver for toll incurred to pick-up Rider.

How does it work –

Example.: You are at River Valley and received an incoming ping to pick-up Rider at One Raffles Place. You incurred a $2 ERP at Havelock Road on the way to pick up rider. Uber will pay you back !

Example.: You are at River Valley and got no call. You decided to drive into CBD area and paid $2 in ERP. The incoming ping comes the moment you drive past the ERP gantry. You will kill yourself and pay for the ERP yourself!

What about tolls incurred after the trip start

Any tolls incurred after the trip started with the rider in the car will be shown on the trip receipt

How to claim back the inbound ERP

  1. Screenshot the completed trip where the ERP toll was incurred to pickup.
    Screenshot must show (Trip fare, Uber Fee, Incentives (e.g. boost)
  2. Go to the main screen of Uber Driver app and click on Pickup Tolls / Submit your pickup tolls
  3. Click on Start and fill in details of the trip
  4. Upload screenshot of trip
  5. Check for next payment statement for reimbursement


All Fraudulent Claims will be removed from the PickUp toll reimbursement program

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