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How to use the Uber Driver Partner App & Login

You have just signed up to be a Uber Driver in Singapore and you are now ready to start making money

Read and follow the instructions to set up your Uber Partner App and get online in seconds.

How to use the Uber Driver App for the First Time

  1. Click onto the Mobile App
  2. Log in with your email and password that is registered with Uber
  3. Under the account button, Select the Vehicle that you are driving
  4. Take a Selfie for identification
  5. Under the account button, click on Settings. Choose your preferred Navigation option (Google Map, Waze, Uber Navigation)
    If you have problem hearing, click on Accessibility where you can select Flash for incoming requests
  6. Ready to go Online
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Incoming Job Request

  • You will hear beeping sound when there is an incoming ride request.
  • Tap on the screen to accept the incoming ride request. Drivers have less than 10 secs to accept the job

Navigate to Rider’s Pick-up location

  • After trip is accepted, the screen will show the rider pick-up address
  • Click on Navigate to use GPS to guide you to the pick-up point. The GPS should auto pop-up if you had pre selected your preferred Navigation Option on the Accounts -> Settings option

Understand What is The Ride Request

  • Top of the incoming ride request is the type of trip. There are UberX , UberPool , UberXL , LiveUp VIP, UberExec , ExecutiveLarge.
  • The blue circle around is the timer counting down for Driver to accept the ride request
  • 7 Minutes is the estimated time needed for Driver to drive from their existing location to pick-up point.
  • Below the 7 minutes is the pick-up address.
  • 4.61* is the Rider’s Ratings

Picking up Rider

  • When you are nearing the Rider’s pick-up location, the Uber app will send a notification to the Rider.
  • At times, the system is delayed and Rider is not notified. A common practice is to give the Rider a text after 2 minutes and a call after 5 minutes
  • If Rider do not show up after 5 minutes of waiting at the pick-up location, Driver can click on the cancellation option and select Rider-No-Show. Drivers will be reimbursed a cancellation fee
    Understand how Uber cancellation fee works in Singapore
  • When Rider board the car, it is very important to check with them what is their name and confirm their destination before proceeding to destination.
  • Slide the green Start Trip when you confirmed it is the correct rider
  • Click on Navigate to activate GPS towards rider’s destination

Drop off your Rider

  • When you arrive at the destination, Slide on Complete Trip
  • Ensure Rider do not leave behind any belongings behind if not time and petrol is wasted to make additional trip to return

Rate the Rider

  • After trip is completed, the rating screen will pop up. Rate the rider between 1 to 5 stars. Rating is a 2 way street on Uber. Both Driver and Rider gets to rate each other after every trip
  • After rating, the Mobile App will revert back to the main screen and remain Online for the next available job. Go offline if you wish to stop accepting trips

Special Feature – Driver Destination Trip

  • Driver can set a personal destination in your app, which allows you to only receive trips going along or near the route to your destination.
  • A maximum of 2 trips can be set every day

How to

  • Click on the menu icon on the top right corner of the driver partner app
  • Click on Set a Destination button
  • Key in the address of your destination
  • If you are not online, you will be prompted to go online. A orange bar will appear at the top of the screen when the feature is activated

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