what are Grab grace waiting periods and waiting fees

A rider can be charged for waiting fee if they exceed 3 minutes. the only exception is grab coach which is 10 minutes.

Services Grace waiting time Waiting fee

(after grace waiting period)

JustGrab, GrabPet, GrabFamily, GrabCar 3 minutes
(Effective 18 July 2022)
$3 per 5-minute waiting block
GrabCar Premium 3 minutes
(Effective 18 July 2022)
$5 per 5-minute waiting block
GrabCoach 10 minutes $10 per 10-minute waiting block
GrabShare 3 minutes  $3 non-stackable

Note: For GrabShare, the driver will charge a $4 passenger no-show fee after 5 minutes.


*Details from Grab

Driver would have also seen in their system that despite they have waited for 3 minutes, the system will advise them to wait at least 5 minutes before cancelling. despite so, rider will still be charged after 3 mins, this notification is to inform driver than they should only cancel after 5minutes.

*screengrab from danny ong in facebook




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