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What is GrabShare

How GrabShare works

Grab has just launched GrabShare service in Singapore.
It is an extension of the immensely popular GrabCar Economy service aimed at rivalling UberPool service by Uber.
In short, GrabShare is a discounted car-ride service but you must be willing to share the ride with others

Why is it good for riders?

1. Cost saving – Riders pay a fare that is lower than regular services like UberX
2. Green benefits – With ride sharing, less cars are needed on the road and this reduces carbon footprint and traffic congestion
3. Ride sharing is very social and one can make new friends along the way

Rules of GrabShare

Maximum of 2 riders per request. Children and infants are also counted as 1 rider.

Maximum waiting time of 2 mins. As it is a carpooling trip, do not let other people wait for you.
Be ready for pick-up before you request for a GrabShare trip. Be socially responsible !

No additional stops. GrabShare is purely point A to point B. There will be no detours to drop or pick your friend up.

Grab dictates the sequence of drop-off. The system will instruct the Grab driver to drop-off which rider first based on efficient trip routing.
Do not strong-arm the driver or the rider to drop you off first.

GrabCar drivers are required to follow the GPS on all GrabShare trips. They have the right to ignore your request to take any specific route.

How to do GrabShare trips

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/YhHEn74v90I”]

Advantage of GrabShare trips

Doing GrabShare allows drivers to pick up 2 different group of passengers going towards the same direction.
GrabShare is useful in helping drivers hit the weekly trip incentive as a matched GrabShare trip counts as 2 completed trip.

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