Grab and Private Hire Car Rental for Driver

New Driver Sign up: Start driving with minimum cost and start making money! We are here to assist new drivers like you to get you on the road as a Private Hire & Grab driver to maximize your effort.

Find out more about PDVL & Z10 insurance


-You want to have a car to drive yourself and for your family but cannot afford
-You are currently looking for job and need the flexibility to earn an income while you are job hunting to make extra money to pay your housing and necessities at the same time.
-You have spare time in the evenings and on weekends to put to good use
-Want to join many others who are using their vehicles to make money for them


Chance to own a Car: For many average people in Singapore, the cost of owning a car is out of reach. With the introduction of Private hire and Grab in Singapore, the chance of owning a car has become more realistic. Our car leasing partner companies have converted their cars, to allow people to engage in such program to make money from our cars and in turn offset the cost of owning a car. 

Flexible working Hours: Be your own boss ! There is no fixed schedule when you drive on Grab or other private hire platform. You decide when to drive and make money as and when you like. We want you to be successful and efficient as a driver so that you can spend quality time with your family.  One feature of the program is having incentive program during the peak hour to encourage driver to work. We would like to share with you the earnings in incentive during peak hours

Easiest way to make money. Just ferry your passenger from point A to point B safely with the aid of GPS on the mobile app. Payment is fast and simple to track. 

All you need to do is to rent the car and you are ready to make money! Renting helps you to avoid the High Cost of car ownership in Singapore by allow you to choose your preferred leasing model to offset your Car rental cost. Any further question please read up our Driver FAQ section

What can we do for you?

-Step-by-step guide on how register to be a Private hire or Grab driver. If you are considering driving taxi vs private hire grab driver you can read up more
-Source for a vehicle suitable for your needs from our island wide network of cars available for rent
Latest Grab Incentives update

Grab Requirement

  • Go through all the paperwork to make your vehicle eligible for Grab
  • Facilitate loans, vehicle insurance and any other LTA requirements
  • Design a personalized driving plan that fits your lifestyle yet earn you the maximum amount of money.
  • Drive smart, Drive less and make more!

It is easy to become a driver. We are here to assist new driver to get you on the road as a Grab driver. There are 2 ways you can start driving. The easiest way is to rent a car

To join the program in Singapore, you need to meet the below requirements.

  1. Register a company: You will need to register a company (Sole-proprietor/ Private Limited/ Limited Liability Partnership). Business activity code 49219 [Passenger land transport NEC (Private cars for hire with operator)]. With effect from 1 October 2017, it is no longer compulsory to register a business entity. 
  2. Commercial Car Insurance: Commercial Car insurance for your vehicle is compulsory to drive on Private hire and Grab platform. This is to ensure that both you and the rider are insured in the event of an accident.
  3. Vehicle Conversion: Convert your vehicle classification from P10 / P11 to Z10 / Z11 at LTA. You will need an updated ACRA print out, valid commercial insurance and company’s director signature If you still have financing on your car, you would need to refinance your car loan from your personal name to company name in order to convert it to private car for hire. 
  4. Account Activation: To activate your account. You will need your NRIC, Driving licence, vehicle log card that shows Z10/Z11 classification, commercial insurance cover note, ACRA print out showing business activity code 49219 [Passenger land transport NEC (Private cars for hire with operator)]

 See full details here on PDVL test and Course 

Alternative you may use your own car or find our more on Taxi vs Private Hire (Grab) Driver – Which is better to earn

Driver App Training Video



Before you start driving, please watch the above videos to familiarize yourself with the App. It works by assigning the nearest available car to the passenger. Go online only when you are ready to accept the trip request. Drivers are expected to accept most trip request to qualify for incentives offered. The driver app has in-built app GPS to take you to the pick up destination.

All trips via has to be booked via the apps, no street pick up is allowed.

Payments are either through Cash or Credit Card. All credit card transactions are handled by the system, there is no need for credit card terminal.
Payment to driver is on a weekly basis.

Follow Grab payment to driver
When demand is more than supply, there is surge pricing to encourage Driver to go to the area, That helps Driver to earn more money.

Singapore is the most expensive city in the world to own a car. The cost of owning a Toyota Corolla in Singapore can get you zipping off in a BMW Convertible in America. Did you know that ERP rates on CTE towards City betwen 8.35am to 8.55am peaks at $6 during weekdays? Everytime you pass by the $6 toll, you would have just lost a McChicken meal upsize twister fries.

Car Ownership CostInsurance, Road Tax, Inspection, Maintenance, ERP, Parking. Loan restriction

COEdocumentationSingapore’s most expensive piece of paper

InsuranceFormInsurance premium is high and always increasing. Save on your Insurance premium with us by getting your next car insurance quote with us.

Be a 5 Star Driver

We want you to succeed and get more jobs, here are 7 tips to be a 5 Star Driver

Help with the Boot
Step out and help with the boot. The passenger would greatly appreciate your help for with their luggage, baby stroller and wheelchair.  

Hello, Good Morning, Thank You. Simple, Subtle Service

Use of GPS
Use Google Map or Waze to show traffic condition on your different possible route.

Keeping the car cool
Ask the passenger if the temperature is right for them.

Clean Car

Everybody like cars that are clean. Before the start of every driving day, do a quick dusting of my floor mat which should be filled with sand, leaves and dirt. Always keep some wet wipes in the car to clear off any bird droppings immediately.

Ask Preferred Route

Always ask passenger if they have a preferred route to the destination. Drivers cant be faulted for taking an inefficient route or getting caught in bad traffic if it is the passenger’s choice of route.

Keep calm and Drive on

As a professional driver, we should learn to control out emotions and behaviour on the road. Lashing out at other drivers reflects badly on ourselves even though the other party may be at fault. Passengers are only interested in getting to their destination comfortably, safely and on-time.

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