What is RydeSend Courier Delivery Service


Ryde is launching a brand new on-demand courier service in Singapore. The new service will go live on 3 September 2018.

What is RydeSend Courier Service?

RydeSend is a 24/7 on-demand courier service that will be the latest service offered by ride-hailing company Ryde. Users can select the RydeSend service in their Ryde app and expect their stuff to be delivered within an hour. They will also be able to track their stuff in real-time.

What can be sent on RydeSend?   

Users can send stuff under 20kg with its dimension within 70cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 50cm (H) for delivery for car. Deliveries made by motorcycles will have a lower allowable weight.

Items prohibited on RydeSend

1. Illegal items (Drugs, firearms, etc.)
2. Radioactive materials
3. Flammable/ignitable/volatile items (fireworks, kerosene, gas canister)
4. Poisonous/toxic items
5. Cash, cheques, stocks, marketable securities
6. Credit/ATM cards
7. Human remains
8. Public certificate/original works that cannot be reproduced
9. Leaking liquid content
10. Live animals & fish

Drivers Sign-Up

Ryde is opening up the service to its fleet of 60,000 drivers. All Ryde drivers will be allowed to join the service. They will also be opening up registration to motorcycle, bicycle and e-scooters dispatch riders from 3 September 2018, with an aim to reach 20,000 by the end of the year.

Drivers that signs up for RydeSend are required to pay a $100 (US$72.45) deposit. The deposit would be used to cover any damage or lateness.

How much would RydeSend cost? 

Users have to pay $6 as the base courier fee. They will also be charged for time and distance surcharges and any toll that may be incurred.

The fee that is shown to RydeSend Drivers is inclusive of any ERP and parking charges that may be incurred.

One-Nil to Ryde

The introduction of RydeSend is a smart move that can create more earning opportunities for its fleet of drivers.

Grab, being the biggest player in the market, has not launched the courier service. They may be concerned with flouting the rules and authorities that govern private-hire cars.

The Land Transport Authorities of Singapore had earlier stepped out to state that private-hire cars and taxis are not allowed to do deliveries as they are made for ferrying passengers. It came shortly after many taxis and private-hire vehicles were used to carry out delivery for Amazon Prime services in the launch phase.

Let’s hope Ryde has the blessings of the LTA.

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