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What is Uber Taxi

Uber Taxi is the one of the first ride-booking service offered by Uber.

Uber offers access to booking taxi from all taxi companies including Comfort Delgro, SMRT, Prime and also HDT Taxi, the newest taxi company in Singapore and the
only one that operates a full electric fleet.

All-In-One mobile app

The Uber Taxi booking option allows commuters to book the nearest taxi from a combined fleet of cars from all companies. This is a vast improvement over
individual company booking app that only allow bookings for its fleet of vehicles.

The Uber App also assigns the booking to the nearest available vehicle to rider’s pick-up point. The traditional app works by opening up the booking to every available driver
and the fastest to accept the booking will take the ride request.

By assigning the nearest driver to the job request, it minimise rider’s waiting time and ensure that the best positioned driver gets the job.

Metered Fare

All bookings using the Uber Taxi ride option will be charged according to Taxi’s metered fare, which varies according to the different companies.
The driver will key in the final metered fare, together with any ERP tolls and booking fee into the app at the end of the trip. As the competition heats up, taxi companies offer discount in the form of promotional codes to riders to entice them to take more rides.

Riders will have the option of paying by Credit Card, Cash and ApplePay. Payment option must be selected upfront

Cancellation Charges

As this is a on-demand service, rider are granted 5 minutes of waiting time when taxi arrives at pick-up point. Riders would be charged a fee of $2 if they do not show up after the 5 minutes grace period.

Prefer a Fixed Fare Option ?

Grab has attempted to change the traditional taxi-booking model by introducing JustGrab, a first of its kind Fixed Fare Taxi Booking Model.