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What is JustGrab taxi booking

22 March 2017

Ride-hailing app Grab has taken the initiative once again to launch a new ride-booking service. The new service will be named JustGrab.

JustGrab will be available to the public from 29th March 2017.

How does it work

Riders who choose to book a JustGrab trip will be picked up by either a GrabCar driver or a taxi-driver from one of the 5 partner taxi-companies, namely Trans-Cab, Premier, HDT Singapore, Prime and SMRT. The nearest vehicle will be assigned the booking.

How much

JustGrab will adopt a upfront fixed fares model for bookings. The fare will be displayed upfront before the customer books a taxi.

JustGrab is also subject to dynamic pricing – which means that fares may vary depending on demand.
The fare is similar to that of Uber and Grab and will take into account travel time, distance, booking fees, and the real-time demand and supply of vehicles to determine the upfront fare.

With dynamic pricing, the cost of a trip will vary according to demand. Commuters can expect to pay more during peak hours and high-demand periods, and look forward to paying less when demand is low.

Difference between JustGrab and GrabCar

JustGrab – Involves Taxis and GrabCar. No GrabShare !
GrabCar – Involves GrabCar only and everyone’s favourite GrabShare
UberTaxi– Uber’s taxi-booking service

Additional surcharges

There is a $3 charge for each additional 5 minute waiting time and $5 for each additional drop-off point within a 5km radius of the destination. If the additional drop off point is more than 5km from destination, Grab additional stop surcharges applies.

JustGrab adopts a upfront fixed fare model which only take into account the time and distance to get from Point A to Point B and does not take into account of any diversion.