What are the car requirements for Grab and Go-Jek

Got your own car and want to drive private-hire with it, you can if you meet the vehicle requirements of Grab and Gojek.

Car Requirement For Grab

Must be a 4-door car that and the car must be able to seat 4 passengers excluding the driver. The vehicle models are subjected to Grab’s approval.

Grab has announced their new vehicle requirements that will come into effect from 30 October 2020.

COE cars and cars that are turning 10 years old

  • Starting 30 October 2020, Grab will stop onboarding cars aged 10 years or more to the platform.
  • From 1 November 2021, cars that are aged 12 or more will not be allowed on Grab platform.
  • From 1 July 2022, no cars aged 10 years or more will be allowed to drive on Grab platform.
image – Grab

Cars that are 7 years old or moreĀ 

Existing driver whose car is 7 years old or older will be required to attend a compulsory Vehicle Safety & Maintenance Course. Drivers can utilise their Skillsfuture Credit or pay in cash for the compulsory course.

image – Grab

Car Requirements for Go-Jek

Go-Jek has confirmed that they are not following Grab’s move to remove the old cars. Go-Jek welcomes cars more than 10 years old as long as the documents are all valid.

Image – Go-Jek

How to convert your car for Private-Hire use

All vehicle that is intended for private-hire use must be converted to Z10/Z11 classification (Private Hire (Chauffeur). Car owners are also required to purchase commercial insurance for private-hire coverage. Both Grab and Go-Jek will require all vehicles to be converted to Z10 and have valid commercial insurance in place.

commercial Car insuranceGet more information onĀ Z10, commercial insurance and Private car Driver Vocational Licence.