Champion Driver of July #RYDE8K Challenge 5-Figure Month


The #Ryde8k Challenge has just completed and there is a winner.

What is the #RYDE8K Challenge

The #RYDE8K Challenge is a competition format where top performing RYDE Drivers would walk away with additional incentives. Drivers have to earn more than $8000 in nett earnings after service fees but include any bonus and tips earned.

Qualified drivers who earn more than $8000 will earn the $500 bonus. The Top performing Driver will take home the $1000 bonus.

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Meet Mr Seng Chai, the driver who emerged as the champion driver for the challenge.

He is a former taxi driver with 15 years of experience on the road.

His Secret to winning the #Ryde8k Challenge

Seng Chai revealed that he is a full-time driver and focus on the rush hours like the morning and evening peak that has higher fares.

He also offered a piece of advice to other private-hire drivers out there. “Increase your earnings by taking all kinds of jobs, even $5 RydePool Jobs. Stacking of RydePool jobs is important to cover more costs and maximise earnings”

So How Much Did He Earn in July 

Seng Chai revealed that he earned more than $10,000 July net of fees.

Drivers are still making money in Singapore

The success of Seng Chai making $10k a month is not an isolated case.

Just weeks ago, a Grab driver set a $1000 fare on Sunday challenge and achieve $900+ on a single Sunday, missing the target narrowly.  The driver was interviewed by the media and has capitalised on his newfound fame by conducting training to make more money driving private-hire.

Grab Roadstar Challenge
image credit – Grab

For those who were in the industry long enough should remember this Grab partner. He was one of the winning team members of Grab’s RoadStar Challenge held in May 2017.

In the interview, he said he too was a former taxi driver and could not dream that a private-hire driver can earn up to $25k to $26k a month. He concluded by exclaiming “I Love You Grab”

I’m sure we will love Grab too if we can make $25k to $26k every month.

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