Grab Driver almost acheived $1k in fare last Sunday

A private-hire car driver set a target to make $1,000 in a single day.

Hashtag #Earn1kOnSunday, many fellow drivers followed closely if this driver can do it.

Last Sunday 1 July 2018, he came so close to achieving the feat.

Grab driver $1k
image credit – Muhammad Faizal/ Facebook

Mr Muhammad Faizal, the Grab Driver who created the #Earn1kOnSunday challenge, earned $968 in fares, just $32 shy of the $1,000 target. Although he did not manage to meet the requirement for incentives, it is still a remarkable achievement.

He spent 15 hours on the road and completed 36 trips in a single Sunday. For the record, 1 July 2018 was just an ordinary Sunday, no special events or reported MRT breakdowns reported.

Respect from fellow Drivers

Many drivers expressed their respect for Mr Muhammad Faizal on his amazing feat.

Here come the Critics

In the perfect world that we live in, there will always be critics for anything you do.

You Cherry Picker!

Critic 1 started to form assumptions on Mr Muhammad Faizal’s driving pattern and claimed she does not believe that he will have good Acceptance Ratings and Cancellation Ratings. A screenshot of the stats showed an acceptance rating of 88% and a cancellation rating of 13.6%.

Critic 1 went further to claim that the Driver had worked over 24 hours and this type of post causes other drivers to have ‘misperceptions’

If there is a will, there is a way

There is not the first time that Drivers have proved that you can make a significant amount of money within 1 day if you decide to put your heart to it.

Many people who cannot achieve it always find some excuses to blame it on. These people would also be constantly spreading their ‘cant-do’ attitude to fellow drivers, making them believe that it is not worth it to drive.

Well done again to Mr Muhammad Faizal on your achievements and being an inspiration for many private-hire drivers who have lost faith in making money through the private-hire platform.


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