ComfortDelGro Announces Taxi Fare Increase Starting Dec 13; Prime Taxi to Follow Suit

On December 13, ComfortDelGro, the biggest taxi company in Singapore, announced that they are revising its taxi fare structure to help cabbies defray higher operating costs.

They will increase the flag-down taxi fare by 50 cents and the charges based on distance and time by one cent.

image – ComfortDelGro Taxi

ComfortDelGro cites that the reason for this adjustment is to assist drivers in covering the increased costs of operating, which are a result of higher fuel prices, inflation, and the upcoming increase in the GST from 8 per cent to 9 per cent starting on January 1.

Image – ComfortDelGro Taxi

The new flag-down fare will range from $4.40 to $4.80, depending on the type of vehicle. Additionally, the following distance-based charge will increase to 26 cents, up from the previous 24 cents.

Peak Hour Surcharge

There will also be changes to the peak hour surcharge timing.

The evening peak hour will be extended by an hour from 5 pm to 11:59 pm, effective Monday through Sunday, including public holidays.

A new peak-hour surcharge will also be introduced from 10 am to 1.59 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, including public holidays.


Currently, the peak hour surcharge is 25% of the metered fare.

Other Taxi Companies following ComfortDelGro’s lead

ComfortDelGro has the biggest taxi fleet in Singapore and thus the greatest market share.

With the impending increase in fares, other taxi companies have also indicated that they are following suit.

The Straits Times reported that Prime Taxi will also adjust its fares to help drivers cope with higher operating costs and inflation. Prime declined to disclose the details of the potential increase and when it would come into effect.

Trans-Cab, one of the big 3 players, has mentioned that they will roll out the same peak-hour surcharge adjustments as ComfortDelGro starting from Dec 13. It has not been decided if fares should be increased.

This piece of good news comes shortly after NTUC announced a special $250 NTUC voucher for drivers injured during the course of work.

The increased fares will help taxi drivers cope with the increasing cost of running their business.

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