Former MP calls out for better industry standards for Drivers and Commuters

Seasoned unionist and former Member of Parliament Ang Hin Kee have called out to platforms to do the right things earlier & more of the rights things faster.

Establish Industry Standards

Mr. Ang Hin Kee expressed his views on his Facebook Post that some industry standards need to be established. Platforms should not be left to decide what & when they feel is the right time to roll out schemes that will protect both drivers and commuters.
A screenshot of a Strait Times article on Ryde to charge passengers $4.30 for no-shows or cancellations was attached to his post.
image – Ang Hin Kee Facebook

Level the playing field

Mr. Ang Hin Kee further explained the rationale for calling out for industry standards in his Facebook Post.
Meanwhile, they continue to collect their commission of about 20% while they study the impact or trends. Let’s not forget that they hold the chief responsibility of deploying drivers on the way to commuters or commuters awaiting for their ride. Both will feel frustrated when there are no shows. It shld not be a case where 100% of the responsibility lie with the drivers or commuters.
At the very least, it shld count towards the platform’s service standard scores for licensing & penalties may need to be imposed on them. They shld also compensate their driver partners or commuters for failing to ensure a match is delivered as promised. Moreover, if fuel costs rises, or related charges such as ERP or GST goes up and impact the earnings of their driver-partners, shouldn’t the commission collected be reduced as well. If you are indeed looking after the interests of drivers, consider reducing your commission when their earnings get affected due to such circumstances.

Let’s have a level playing field
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Who is Ang Hin Kee

For those who have been in the taxi and private hire industry for some time, this name should be no stranger.

Ang Hin Kee served as a Member of Parliament (MP) of the Ang Mo Kio Group Representation Constituency (GRC) between 2011 to 2020.

He is the Assistant Director-General of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Chief Executive of the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF).

Ang Hin Kee is the leading voice for the rights of taxi drivers as executive adviser to the National Taxi Association and took on the same role for the National Private Hire Vehicles Association in 2018.

He has been championing for the taxi and private-hire industry for many years.

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SOURCEAng Hin Kee Facebook Page
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