Grab app glitch during peak hour caused panic among Drivers

Many Grab drivers went into panic mode after the Grab’s driver app did not show upfront fare and rider’s destination.

The usual incoming job request would show the pick-up point, the upfront fare and most importantly the rider’s destination. However, the only information that was shown this morning was the pick-up destination.

Pattern Lai Liao

After experiencing the same problem over multiple trips, many Grab drivers started to panic and speculated that Grab had started to ‘chut pattern’. They claimed that Grab being the undisputed market leader now after the ‘merger’ of Uber in Singapore, they can do whatever they want to the system.

Grab drivers were also repeatedly served with notification message from Grab in other foreign languages such as Thai and Indonesian. Seeing these messages further irritated drivers who were ‘coping with the loss of the features’.

The disappearance of the upfront fare and destination became the hottest topic of the day as every Grab drivers start to blast Grab during morning break-time for removing the features.

PaiSeh PaiSeh Bro!

Many drivers wanted to call the Grab Hotline and ‘feedback’ on this issue before they received a message from Grab. Grab confirmed that it was a glitch and the problem has been resolved, much to the relief of Grab drivers.

Grab Drivers, restart your phone and your Grab Driver App to see the upfront fare and destination again.

Normal service resumes.


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